JavaScript development environment construction (macOS edition)

This article sets up Node.js etc. for JavaScript development. It is indispensable for the development of React, Vue, Angular, etc. these days. The target is macOS, but if you feel like it, you may write the Windows edition. However, if you have a project you are involved in developing and a setup procedure exists, follow it. This article is for people who don’t have that kind of straitjacket. This is an article for beginners. If this procedure doesn’t work, or if you have any questions, feel free to comment. Overview of what to install First, let’s assume Homebrew , which is a package manager that is indispensable when building a development environment on macOS .

Vim's: w and: r useful tips

At the beginning Vim has the :wand :rcommands. I think many people know the command itself. It’s a little convenient for me, so I’ll introduce it. :r :r banana.txtWill read the contents of the file and insert it on the next line of the current cursor. You can also specify the lines that can be inserted. In that case :{lnum}r banana.txt, enter the line number at the beginning. This is the best choice, but you can actually :r !{cmd}insert the command output with. This is useful, for example, if you want to edit the API response a bit with Vim, or if you want to insert the command execution result into an article.